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My Mission

How often do you play to the edges of your comfort zone only to get overwhelmed by the fear and uncertainty of change? How often do you seek the familiar and stop there? You’re not alone. Together we’ll explore these patterns to understand your mindset, create a strategic plan to raise your standards, and finally let go fear and settling.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Life Coach, my mission is to EDUCATE, EQUIP, EMPOWER, and EXPAND you to step up and step in to the life you really want. I’ll help you dig deep into self-awareness, personal responsibility, and emotional intelligence to create your very best self.

Allyson Blythe

In Service of You Creating An Amazing Life!


Coaching or Therapy?

We can assess your needs and distinguish between the two services to help you make the right choice.

The Enlightened Empath Book Cover

The Enlightened Empath: Your 10-Step Guide to Becoming Educated, Equipped & Empowered

My latest book is written for all the other Empaths out there trying to find their way. This is your guide to understanding and embracing your empathic wiring, learning specific tools to regulate your emotions and energy, and enhancing the way you experience life.

The world has never needed you more—your voice, your energy, your vision, and your efforts. The time is now to stand together, Educated, Equipped, and Empowered, to use your gifts to make the world a better place!

My promise to you is this:

My promise to you is this:

You’ll receive tremendous insight in a safe, supportive environment to EDUCATE, EQUIP, EMPOWER, AND EXPAND you along your path.

Motivation never shows up when you want it to. Waiting on motivation can leave you with life passing you by. Change starts with a decision connected to an action. Right now, right here, you have a choice. Let’s rise up!

Are you ready to dive deep?

What needs your attention in life? Are you deliberate or drifting?

Are you ready to step up and step into the life you really want? Are you ready to join a community of people who decided to show and become the main player in life?

Having someone who gets you, sees your strengths, understands your struggles, who can guide you in developing your unique path, and celebrate your successes every step of the way.

In working with me, you will be:

  • Educated with basic principles of emotional intelligence and personal responsibility.

  • Equipped with tools and resources to raise your raise your standards for the life you want.

  • Empowered with the support you need to create change and claim full responsibility for your life, your behavior and mindset, coupled with daily decisions and actionable steps.

  • Expand beyond your comfort zone to let go of fear and limitations and step into your greatest potential.

There is no quick fix.

This work is not for the faint of heart. It is deeply personal, challenging, insightful, and empowering. You will become equipped with a powerful awareness that allows you to know yourself better, reach more effective solutions, and be deliberate about creating the life you desire and deserve.

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New Year / New You?

In listening to myself speak about 2024 goals and aspirations, I quickly realized that I had fallen prey to some faulty, magical thinking.

  • Word of the year

Word of the Year

Every day in December, I decided to step outside my comfort zone and try something different. I took 31 opportunities to stretch into the unfamiliar in both big and small ways and write about it on SM. It seemed simple and fun.

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Point of Impact

I call it a point of impact. It’s a moment that creates an impression, often a negative one, that shapes your beliefs, the way you feel about yourself, and the ways you function in the world.