Mindful Matters

What are you investing in?

Enough about money already! Let’s take a look at where you’re spending your Time, Energy, and Effort?

Let’s take a look.

We live in a world that prioritizes beauty, accomplishment, wealth, status, and followers.

With all of the filters, fakes, and fillers in today’s world, it’s hard to know what’s real and true.

Do any of those things truly measure success, happiness, and fulfillment?

Of course not and yet you may not know how to do things differently or where to start when

you’re finally ready change.

Let me help you.

Mindful Matters is a series of Coaching courses to help you build your foundation for personal success, growth, and expansion. Each of these Coaching courses are specifically designed to increase your awareness, challenge your thoughts and habits, and inspire actionable steps to create change, no matter how big or small. Each course offers a power-packed Coaching lesson that will require about an hour of your time and leave you with clarity and strength for your next steps.

Which one is right for you?



Time, Effort, and Energy… three of the most precious commodities you’ll ever be granted.

The way you spend each of these will fundamentally shape the quality of your life.

Time – the one thing you will never, ever get back once you spend it. Where is your time really going?

Effort – what lengths do you go to for others? Why? Effort is the work you put into things such as relationships, work, family, accomplishment, etc. How effective and satisfying are your efforts?

Energy – this is the mental and emotional toll you’re willing to pay. This includes things like focus, care, consideration, worry, kindness, or any other form of mental or emotional consideration you pay toward yourself and others.

During this course, I’ll walk you through each of these commodities and help you assess your “spending habits” to create power changes and put you back in control of the quality of your life.


S.O.S. (Sense of Self) Toolbox:

Do you ever look around for the real adult to show up in your life – the one who knows how to handle life, make effective decisions, set healthy boundaries, navigate conversations, and get you to work on time…

Where’s that person??

Though we age, some of us struggle with ever feeling like we’re well-equipped in life. Let me offer you these 10 tools that will help you establish a firm foundation for all requirements of healthy, happy “adulting.”

These are necessary inner-tools we should’ve taught in school, such as Self – Awareness, Self – Define, Self – Honesty, Self – Responsibility, and SO much more.

This is a great starting point in building your foundation for success and happiness.

conscious conversation course

Conscious Conversation

Have you ever gone to the fridge, not knowing what you’re hungry for, and just picked and chomped without feeling satisfied or complete?

Most people live their entire life that way – doing things, relating to people, making decisions, eating, drinking, buying without ever knowing what it is they’re really hungry for.

Let me tune you into core needs that are at the root of everything you do.

The need for connection…

The need to be heard and understood…

The need for respect, safety, and love…

The need for attention and belonging…

Needs drive ALL of your behavior. Yet, most people have no idea what they really need, much less how to get those needs met effectively.

Until now.

During this course, I’ll introduce you to a simple yet powerful tool that tunes you into your core needs. You’ll be equipped with a “feelings and needs menu” that empowers you to define what is at the root of your mood, thoughts, and behavior.

Let me show you how to align your words and behaviors with strategies that effectively meet your needs.

This course is a game-changer in helping you understand yourself and others on a much deeper level.

The Dishonoring Ps

The Dishonoring P’s

This course will introduce you to specific patterns of how you’re functioning in the world.

We’ll cover patterns such as Perfecting, Pleasing, Performing, Pacifying, and so many other ways you’re carrying yourself, relating to others, and showing up in the world.

We all fall prey to these patterns in some way. But awareness is your key to change because these patterns interrupt and erode your authenticity and personal power.

These patterns are often habitual, and subconscious so let me help you shine some light on much more effective ways to connect and relate that empower your authenticity and support who you really are.


The Emotional Power of Stuff

We own so much STUFF!

Many people are plagued by the sheer number of choices available and amount of stuff that clutters their home, office, closets, inboxes, and every other crevice.

What is the state of your environment?

Are you cluttered, overwhelmed, and dissatisfied?

Why are you holding on to things?

Why are you buying certain things?

Are you trying to fill a hole that has nothing to do with stuff?

Let me help you recognize the impact of these patterns and empower you with small, actionable steps to create a space you love and feel at home in.

Family Survival Kit

They say one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. Can you relate??

How often are you doing the same things, engaging in the same ways, saying the same stuff, all the while hoping to get a different outcome?

It happens, and yet we set ourselves up for heartache.

Where do you begin to set boundaries, have hard conversations, and change the way you interact and take care of yourself during the holidays or any other time you engage with others?

This is your wakeup call that change begins with you and these are your tools to support you.