Allyson Blythe

I love what I do.

My mom would tell you I was born a social worker. I believe that’s absolutely true. I was made to do this work and it’s so much more than a “job”. It’s a soul-journey that I’m blessed to walk through with clients like you.

I have over 30 years of experience and yet I’m still figuring it out.

I’ve dedicated my entire career to EDUCATE, EQUIP, EMPOWER, and EXPAND others and it reflects in my work with each person I have the privilege of working with. I’ve had the gift of training with the best of the best in the field including Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield. I will never stop learning, growing, and strengthening my skills, just like I’ll help you do.

I strongly believe in meeting you with honesty and authenticity wherever you are.

I offer acceptance and acknowledgment to empower you to raise your personal standards in the ways you think, act, and what you tolerate. You can let go of fear, excuses, and old habits to reach your goals. I believe in the best parts of you and I’ll help you flourish until you believe in them too.

I am highly committed to your success and I believe change is possible no matter the circumstances.

I’ve earned the reputation as a trusted, deeply experienced, and highly intuitive therapist and coach who ‘just gets you’. Intuition guides a large part of this work and I’m able to intuitively sense specific pieces and patterns that will guide our work together. You always remain the expert of your life, I’m here to guide, reflect, and support you along the way. You define success and together, we’ll create the steps to get you there.

Your well-being matters to me.

I’ll challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone as you stretch and grow in reaching your goals, but never judge or assess your success. We’ll identify limiting beliefs and patterns that have previously controlled you, then create action steps just like mile-markers along the road to determine your progress.

Those who work with me report real results and lasting change.

My clients achieve new levels of self-awareness, self-worth, overall better mood and functioning, relationship improvement, communication and decision making skills, as well as peak personal performance. Watching my clients grow, learn, and reach their goals is one of my deepest joys.

I meet you where you are.

This process is not one-size-fits all. No matter your style, I’ve worked hard to provide a variety of services that will Educate, Equip, Empower, and Expand you in a variety of ways. I offer many resources and tools in-person and on-line such as individual and group sessions, books, blog, podcast, social media, all at varying price points to enhance your learning and growth. You have access to them all and can determine what best suits your needs.

I come alongside you.

Regardless of which path you choose in your work, I will come alongside you in developing your strengths, celebrating your successes, and reaching your greatest potential. Together, let’s rise!

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