Dance Floor Workshop

Are you struggling with a major life decision?

Is there an issue you’ve been dancing with for months, or even years?
Let me help you break the tension of indecisiveness.

This workshop is an innovative technique that helps you tune in to your deeper knowing to gain clarity and assurance of the right choice for you.

I allow only 4 participants in each Dance Floor experience as we walk through the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ sides of your dilemma.

It’s an amazing experience that occurs in a safe, intimate environment that allows you to sort through the voices in your head and the energy that has kept you locked in indecisiveness and uncertainty.

I have helped people “dance” through issues as simple as “should I buy this for my child” to “should I leave my job” and everything in-between.

This “dance” is an experiential exercise that allows you to fluidly walk through your decision-making process.

Though you won’t actually have to dance, many of my clients do a little jig afterward as they celebrate their clarity and decisiveness!

Investing in yourself is the first step to a healthier life!

Dance Floor Workshop


What Others Are Saying About The Dance Floor Workshop & Allyson Blythe

“Literally YEARS of struggling were brought to light in this one simple process. I have gone back and forth, inside and out over this same issue and have been paralyzed by indecision. Thank you for bring me this simplistic process. I now have the clarity I have longed for.”

“The Dance Floor experience is powerful as both participant and witness! The courage of those women to share themselves and their situation touches directly upon vulnerability.”

“It was interesting to solidify my intention to accept my life as it is. My mind reverts to black or white thinking at times and The Dance illuminated the fact that gray is ok!”

“This haunting decision has overwhelmed my for years. I’ve “known” for so long and yet have not been ready to admit it. This process is simple and yet the most powerful thing I think I’ve ever witnessed. My experience and witnessing the other’s process was profound.”

My promise to you is this:

My promise to you is this:

You’ll receive tremendous insight in a safe, supportive environment to educate, equip, and empower you along your path.