Allyson Blythe
Certified Life Coach
Licensed Clinical Social Work, LCSW

Individual & Couples Therapy

Individual & Couples Therapy

Devoted to helping you work through some of the more challenging issues you are faced with, individual and couples therapy focuses on helping you gain self-understanding and healing in whatever capacity you desire.

Let’s be honest, life is hard.

Oftentimes, people are just waiting for the real adult to show up in their life to handle the responsibilities and make the hard decisions. Reality check… you are the adult! Most people simply need a sounding board; someone to offer insight, perspective, and support as they walk through this thing called life.

This is sacred work and an unapologetic journey to your highest and best.

With years in the business and (quite a few) years of my own personal journey, I have travelled a road that not only offered the school of hard knocks but the pressure of being a therapist while doing it. Yes, I’ve read the books. But more importantly, I’ve lived a life that offers truth, perspective, and hands on knowledge of wrestling with the hard stuff in life.

Sessions are $150 per 50-minute session.

I’ve walked all sides of relationships.

Single, dating, married, and divorced. They all come with their baggage. I believe in doing whatever it takes to preserve a relationship, as long as two people are willing to do the work. I have insight, understanding, and tools to offer you no matter where you stand in the relationship arena.

I am shamelessly honest and transparent.

I will lovingly shoot straight and hold whatever space you need along your journey. No one needs to show up perfectly, you just need to show up as you are as an individual or a couple.