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In an attempt to share my message, I’m trying to learn more about social media, posting, blogging, different platforms, and formats. It is a lot to learn! But, I’m trying and I excitedly wrote my blog, got the email and posts prepared, but was still a bit confused about one of the steps. I thought I had it and excitedly hit the send button.

It was a sudden wave of horror when I realized that the email was sent not once… not twice… but THREE times – same email, three times in a matter of minutes to each and every person in my contact list. Even further, the same post posted three times on every single platform I’m on. Ohhhh…..

Misunderstood Rewriting the Rules

Certainly, in the scope of life, I realize it was not really that big of a deal, but when you’re first learning and trying so hard, it triggered a very deep-seated issue I refer to as the “Stupid-Factor”. I lamented and replayed the whole things over and over again in my mind. I tried to imagine each of my clients responses to this. My inner-critic gladly chimed in and before I knew it, that mental shit storm was whirling in my brain.

I didn’t know what to do to correct the mistake and the echos of the Critic and Stupid-Factor rang loudly in my head.

But soon enough, I was able to recognize the mental and emotional storm that was whirling around and once I could anchor myself in, I was able to do what I know how to do. I called that critic out, sat with the embarrassment, anchored myself into reality and right-sized perspective, and tried my best to think of a corrective action.

I wanted to acknowledge the error and I did so by sending out, yes, a FOURTH email. The Critic and Stupid Factor tried to rear their ugly heads one more time as I faced the public acknowledgement. I didn’t really expect a response but the ones I got evoked a whole other level of awareness and humility.

Words such as: “It’s nice to know you’re human too.” “I guess this must mean it’s a really great message.” “I’m always happy to hear from you so no worries.” “One mistake in all of these years Allyson, you’ve got this!” “Practice makes perfect so just keep going!”

The Dishonoring Ps

I was shocked, humbled, and deeply grateful.

When so many could’ve been critical, harsh, or humiliating, they were kind, understanding, encouraging and supportive.

The waves of embarrassment were finally met with reassurance, a deep breath, and fresh perspective. This was not the end of the world. As a matter of fact, it was no mistake at all. This was a divine opportunity for me to practice so much of what I preach – Self-Anchoring, Self-Honesty, Self-Respect, Self-Compassion…

It’s got me thinking: How do I handle other people’s mistakes? When I’m on the receiving end of someone’s faux pas? Do I extend the same type of courtesy, compassion, and understanding as people have done for me? Am I as gentle with the human heart as I could be? Do I assume the best about people or assign malicious intent and react negatively?

So, here’s some food for thought for you: How do you handle your own mistakes? When you screw up, do you admit it and move on or does your Critic knock you out for the count? Do you get lost in a shit-storm of embarrassment and shame or can you see your mistakes in “right-size” and put them in proper perspective? How do you talk to yourself and are you able to provide compassion and understanding?

Another layer to consider: How do you handle the mistakes of others? Can you give people the benefit of doubt and overlook their errors or do you hold it against them? Are you willing to assume good in people or do you have a lens of hostility or defense?

This experience changed me and offered insight and clarity about who I want to be in this world. Your kindness and compassion made a difference! I hope you feel inspired too.

And by the way, if you get this email three times, just know, I’m still learning! ; )

  • His discomfort was evident the moment he walked in the door. He walked in anyway. He fumbled with his mat, strap, and blocks. He continued anyway. He didn’t seem to know what to do or how to orient himself. He found his way anyway. His body carried an extra 200+ pounds. He found his way into the room anyway. He was disheveled and distressed. He carried on anyway.

  • Forest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates.” 🍫 I have a slightly different version… I believe life is like an onion. 🧅 Sometimes, all you can do is peel it back, one layer at a time. And sometimes, it makes you cry! 😭

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