Have you ever stopped to consider an elephant in captivity?

While watching them at the zoo or the circus, have you ever wondered why these enormous creatures stay confined in the small circus tents or the makeshift jungle scenes?
Can you imagine a wild revolt in which the elephants awaken to their incredible power, breaking free from their captors?
How is it that these incredible animals remain shackled when they have such astonishing strength?
How is it possible to become bound by such chains of limitations?
Where did all of this begin?

You see, early in captivity, the jailers chain the young elephant to a massive post buried deep in the ground.

The animals are bound, and despite their desperate attempts to free themselves, no matter the fight, fury, or resistance, the poor desperate elephant cannot break free. The restraints have immobilized and defeated them. Therefore, it doesn’t take long before they resign themselves to life within the confines of the shackles, succumbing to the belief they will never break free.

Have you ever felt imprisoned by similar restraints?

Have you surrendered to limiting beliefs and defeat?
Somewhere along the way, were there seeds planted telling you that you aren’t capable, smart, or talented enough?
What happened in your life that planted seeds of doubt and insecurity?
Despite your innate potential, are you bound by your own restrictions, views, and limitations?

Life provides its fair share of bumps and bruises, both physically and emotionally.

Even in early childhood, kids quickly learn and adapt specific ways to cope, make sense of the world, and gain attention and approval. Children are exposed to conditions, situations, messages, and role models that implant powerful messages about who they are, what the world is all about, what’s expected fro them, and what they can expect from others. This exposure is highly impactful and can profoundly alter the course of a child’s spirit, perspective, and belief systems. Though these experiences are sometimes overtly traumatic and easily identifiable, far more often they are subtle, run-of-the-mill occurrences in which kids misinterpret, draw false conclusions, and personalize things that have nothing to do with them. It happens all the time, and kids are highly imprinted by messages, circumstances, and events such as these.

Unfortunately, adulthood doesn’t spare any mercy either, and simply turning eighteen doesn’t make you immune to the emotional wear and tear life doles out.

The need for attention, mattering, and belonging are just as alive in grown ups as they are in children and yet these needs are rarely recognized or legitimized. Adulthood offers its share of missed opportunities, broken hearts, and bad decisions that cause feelings of overwhelm and defeat and are easy to personalize. Everyone has their wounds and tender spots. No one comes through life unscathed and people learn to function, cope, and adapt the best ways they know how, often bringing those childhood lessons with them into adult relationships, roles, and responsibilities. We’re all just a bunch of grown up kids trying to figure out life.

This is a program of self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-honesty.

It is your best effort of looking at yourself and your behavior through an honest, objective lens that allows you to see deep within. It is a deep dive into your main motivation and drive of how you cope and function in your roles and responsibilities. It is here, inside this program where you will look at your deeply ingrained patterns and limiting beliefs. It is here you can begin to see yourself and the ways you’ve been relating in the world to assess what’s working and what’s not. So, if you are ready for a shot to live differently, let’s get started!