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The Enlightened Empath (Paperback Edition)

The Enlightened Empath (Paperback Edition)

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Your 10-Step Guide to Becoming Educated, Equipped & Empowered

Our world is hurting. We find ourselves amid deep rivers of change, facing seasons of discord, fear, and uncertainty. People are scared and suffering. Some will objectify and vilify anyone who looks or thinks differently. The divide among us is wreaking havoc in our souls. We’re so plagued by the pollution in our environment, minds, and hearts that sometimes it’s hard to come up for air.

Though the world is hurting, and we are facing tragic conditions, all is not lost. You are an Empath, and the world has never needed you more—your voice, your energy, your vision, and your efforts. The time is perfect for you to step up and step into your empowered role. You are here to do this work, to reinspire love, cooperation, and connection. You are here to evolve. You are not broken, nor are you alone. I, too, am an Empath, and together, we can make a difference.

About Allyson

As a Certified Life Coach and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Allyson Blythe is an expert in human behavior, relationships, communication, boundaries, and decision making. Allyson has committed over twenty-five years of training and life experience to Educate, Equip, and Empower others to dig deep into self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and personal responsibility.

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“A brilliantly articulated, comprehensive guide to understanding your empathic gifts and becoming fully empowered in your sensitivities.
~ Sydney Campos, author of The Empath Experience and I’m Ascending, Now What?

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