“My experience with the Radical Self Care program has been amazing. I found the program to be life changing! What a wonderful journey of self-awareness and self-discovery, developing life skills to become a better me. It was an honor to build relationships with this group of women. These wise women have become friends, friends who are encouraging, supportive and empowering. The environment fostered self-growth. I was inspired and challenged!”
~ Tina Bernheimer

“Radical Self Care and Emotional CBD have been 2 of the best investments I have made for the betterment of my life. Until I took these classes, I don’t think I ever really considered the importance of healthy boundaries and certainly had no adequate skills to implement them. No one promised that life was ever supposed to be easy, but it definitely runs a little smoother for me now that I am able to identify some of my negative habits as well as recognizing where they originate from. By being kinder to myself, I am able to extend that kindness to others.”
~ Aleisa Yusko