Conscious Conversation

Conscious Conversation

How many times have you gone to the fridge or the cupboard without knowing what you’re hungry for and just started nibbling? Not really sure what you’re really craving, you just start picking and grazing, trying to fill a desire you haven’t quite identified.

How often are you doing that in life? You’re doing things, buying things, saying stuff, going places, trying to satisfy a need you can’t really understand. How often have you made one decision only to realize you’ve compromised other things you hadn’t even considered?

You are not alone. I see it all the time, people working against themselves, randomly doing or saying things with no awareness of what’s happening or what they really want and need. People aimlessly wander through life with no understanding of what’s driving them or how they can take responsibility for the quality of their life. A perfect example is someone who wants to be heard, so they yell and scream in order to get their point across, using a method that almost guarantees they’ll never be heard. We’ve all done it in some fashion.

Let me help you put a stop to it!

It’s so simple and yet so profound.

During this month’s Mindful Matters workshop, I’ll introduce you to a simple three-step model that helps tune you into core needs that drive your behavior. You’ll learn about basic human emotions that can be used as cues and indicators to deeper needs and put clear, concise language and understanding to these. I’ll help you look at how you’ve been sabotaging and how to put an end to that immediately!

Conscious Conversation is a simple yet power-packed opportunity to take responsibility for the health and quality of your mindset, behaviors, and relationships. It changes the way you show up in the world, in conversations, and when relating to others.

Join me this month for your Mindful Matters workshop on Tuesday, 8/29, at 6:30 pm EST live via Zoom. We’ll explore this simple three-step process to gain clarity and establish empowering ways for you to show up differently in the world while creating actionable steps for you to take today!

PowerPoint Presentation

Needs/Feeling List Please print before starting this workshop.

Core Needs Worksheet