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Misunderstood by Allyson Blythe (softcover)

Misunderstood by Allyson Blythe (softcover)

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Misunderstood is about a crisis point in Allyson’s life when the roles she’d always played and all that had once served her began to unravel. You will experience the process of Allyson rebuilding her life with only the salvageable pieces that were beneficial and valuable. This book is a call to you, the reader, to explore and redefine your core values, while you notice the hindering ways you are functioning in the world. Misunderstood is a soulful wake-up call for all who are over-functioning; trying too hard to gain approval and acceptance all for a sense of mattering and connection in the world. In this book, you will explore the importance of intentionally using your most precious commodities of time, energy, and effort, while setting boundaries and making effective decisions to create your deepest joy and healthiest relationships. Allyson’s journey is profound as it led her to create a toolbox of ten dynamic tools of self-empowerment, personal responsibility, and life satisfaction, rather than waiting for some magical ship to come in. Misunderstood is a roadmap for navigating decisions, relationships, perspective, conflict, and your core life purpose.

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